What are the Health Impacts from Ozone?


Ozone is always present in some quantity, the chart at the bottom of the page provides information regarding potential health impacts of exposure to certain concentrations of ozone.


What are the Impacts to Children?


The respiratory systems of children do not fully develop until many years after birth.  As a result exposure to even moderate levels of ozone for a prolonged period of time can adversely impact the long term health of a child.  Children are also more likely to be active outdoors for extended periods of time increasing their exposure.  Several studies have identified a link between childhood asthma and exposure to ozone.


What are the Impacts to Persons with Heart or Lung Disease?


• Increased medication use among asthmatics


• More frequent doctors visits


• School absences


• Increased emergency room visits and hospital admissions


• Increased risk of premature death


What are the Impacts to Healthy Persons?


• Reduced lung function, making it more difficult for people to breathe as deeply and vigorously as normal


• Irritation of the airways, causing coughing, sore or scratchy throat pain when taking a deep breath and shortness of breath


• Inflammation and damage to the airways


• Increased frequency of asthma attacks


• Increased susceptibility to respiratory infection